“Helping To Patent American Ingenuity…”


The Oakwood Law Group was formed with one premise in mind -- "To help patent American Ingenuity..."

We focus primarilly on the patent application and prosecution filing process and have developed our skills over many years of work within this area.

As the 78 million Baby Boomers reach their senior years more and more groups like ours will emerge. Our law group is now composed of primarily seasoned attorneys with both in-house as well as law firm experience. We keep our overhead at a minimum and as a result are able to compete with international law firms that prepare & prosecute US applications from locations that traditionally charge less than US law firms. With the Oakwood Law Group, US patent applications can be filed based amongst the best prices that are available anywhere. We have been doing this for years and have created a unique law group structure...

The Oakwood Law Group specializes in one area of intellectual property law -- Patents: our core focus. We serve clients in the United States as well as overseas doing business in computers, information technology, electronics, medical devices, optics, telecommunications, finance, and other technologies.

And if you're a large corporation, rest assured that with a core focus in the area of United States Patent Prosecution -- conflicting interests are at a minimum.

Regardless of the size of a matter, or if you're a new inventor or well seasoned corporate entity, our firm will work to provide the finest legal services in developing a plan for protecting an invention and achieving mutual objectives.

  • Scope
  • Experience
  • Corporate Vision
  • Resources
Working within the field of intellectual property our practice is focused on patent work. Our primary focus is on patent prosecution within the following areas:

  • Electronics
  • Computer software/hardware
  • Network technologies
  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Digital media
  • Business and financial services
  • E-commerce and mobile commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Biotech
  • Games

The art of Intellectual Property protection requires creativity with an understanding of the concept that we are working with a revenue-generating asset

Our application process begins with the blending of the expertise of engineers, scientists, and legal professionals.

We offer a controlled environment that carries the process from initial invention review to preparation, to filing, and finally to the prosecution phase within the patent office. Sometimes therein, reexamination work is also included in this approach.

Our experienced staff is well aware that the patent process is a steppingstone towards economic and technological achievement.


Our “one name, one firm, one vision” corporate policy allows for us to work as a team to provide quality work in a timely fashion. We hire experienced attorneys without issue of any discrimination whatsoever.


"The Baby Boom Generation"

Nearly one third of all Americans—76 million people—were born between 1946 and 1964. As we enter into the 21st century, the first of the boomer generation are now nearing their early sixties and questions of work or retirement are upon them.

Traditional law firms grapple with issues about work and retirement as well.  Many of these senior lawyers will be looking to gain, “a renewed sense of purpose,” while too many law firms will be looking for removal or withdrawal from active service.

Nearly eighty percent of baby boomers say they want to continue to work and view retirement as a distant concept.  Additionally, some three million of these baby boomers are expected to live to be 100 years old. Many boomers married late. They may have experienced divorce and remarriage.  Second lives have developed late in life and continuing within the workforce arena adds purpose and necessity to these challenges in life. Increasingly, senior lawyers find themselves caring for infants and elderly parents simultaneously, sandwiched between generations and playing multiple roles.

The Oakwood Law group recognizes these issues, and hires based exclusively on merit.  Herein, there is no such thing as an age related glass ceiling -- or any form of discrimination whatsoever.



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